Digital Geist – Mecha I EP (free download!)


1. Overclocked
2. Your Fault : My Fault
3. Chromium
4. White Glint (featuring Jeremy Gloff)

Listen and download here!


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ANNOUNCEMENT: 4 New EPs from DG in 2014



Digital Geist will be back in a big way in 2014.  As of today (February 14, 2014) DG is announcing the slated releases of 4 new EPs for 2014.  The extended-play singles will be four tracks each, totaling 16 tracks.   Release dates are tentative at this time but will be staggered.  The releases will be available in digital format and will later be compiled into a single 16-track release available in limited CD for 2015.

The working titles are:
Mecha 1
Mecha 2
Mecha 3
Mecha 4

Although DG has been featured as a remixer and has performed/released live sets and DJ sets since, these will be the first official releases of new material since 2010’s The Apollo Program.
For more information, or to contact DG, please email Alex here:

digitalgeist242 @

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14 Days Until a Big Announcement!


Hello everybody,

Today you’ll note that I’ve made some significant changes to the site.
First and foremost:
Now you can shop DG to your heart’s content.  Available for the FIRST TIME IN YEARS are some albums and tracks from as far back as 2003, and more are coming in the days ahead.  If you’ve never heard some of DG’s more obscure tracks or didn’t know about them, even the music that is out of print in physical format is available from this site as a .WAV download!  Just follow the instructions on the page – email DG and we’ll get the tracks to you – it’s that simple!
More merchandise will be coming soon.  How soon is unclear but I hope to bring new stock in on a regular basis.

DG will have a MAJOR announcement in two weeks!  What it is can only be speculated on right now but it’s going to be pretty exciting.  Make sure to check back regularly for new updates coming soon!

Make sure to check out the new DG discography page!  This page is linked with DG’s SoundCloud page so you can stream the releases as they were ordered on the original CDs – this is all free!  Listen as often as you want and even embed the songs on your own site!

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The Sound of Belgium


While I was in Mexico City last week I went to a great little music store called Mecanica run by a nice guy named Cesar (he also runs a record label of the same name, check that out here). He has so much great stuff in that shop! I could have spent a few hours in there listening and checking out all the discs and rarities he had on the walls; but one thing stuck out: A 4CD compilation of Belgian New Beat/Aciiied/etc spanning the 80s-today! I was so surprised to see a comp like that I picked it up immediately.

It turns out that it’s the companion to a movie that’s been made of the same name by Jozef Deville. You can check out the movie/compilation right here!

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Here’s a track from The Apollo Program called “Adrift.”  I think you’ll like it.

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Today’s a fun day.  I’m celebrating losing some weight.  I joined a CrossFit box here in CT in September (about 4 months ago) and changed my diet up.  It’s demanding but I’ve lost 31.1lbs since starting and I feel great.  Heading the box to get my workout done is also a great excuse to listen to high-energy electronic music.  The WOD in CrossFit stands for Workout of the Day.  They’re harsh and fun to do.
If you’re interested in learning more about it check the link.

I’m also working on more music for DG.  I’m in contact with a few other musicians and hopefully there will be a collaboration or two along the way!

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How I learned to make electronic music


Macintosh, macintosh, macintosh, macintosh

(big ups to the guys over at Everything Is Terrible because their found footage montages cannot be beat!)

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Mexico City was fun


Patrick Codenys (Front 242) and I after Front’s show in Mexico City.

Lots of fun was had, and it’s always nice to visit a place I’ve never been before.  I loved Mexico City and it was a great opportunity to meet friends new and old and of course catch Front 242 playing live!

There’s lots to talk about – the bootleggers outside the venue, the great visit to the National Museum of Anthropology and that big Mayan Calendar….





The trip had a profound effect on me.  I couldn’t have gotten around the city without my traveling buddy Ivo as well and we both had a really good time.  Hopefully this weekend I can get to working on some music again; with my current job I’m completely drained when I get out.  This trip has inspired me though!

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Front 242 in Mexico City


Tomorrow I’ll be flying from JFK to Mexico City to hang out and see Front 242.  I’m really excited about this, F242 have been my favorite band since forever and I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen them.

They put on a killer live show.  One of the best I’ve ever seen.

I’m still looking for a way to work with them somehow (Patrick Codenys (the sampler/synthesizer for the band) has been a buddy of mine since 1999 and got me into making electronic music), so who knows what the future will hold.  We did have a brief stint working on a DJ project that never got traction, and in light of that I’m posting a lot of my own DJ sets on SoundCloud:

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More Stuff on SoundCloud


Hey everybody,

If you haven’t checked it out already, make sure you go to my SoundCloud page.  I’ve added just about everything original I’ve produced so far, since 2003.  There’s older tracks and DJ sets to upload and I’ll get to those as soon as I can.  For now, make sure you skip through a few of these songs and give me some feedback!

I’m also pretty active on Twitter and on Facebook, so feel free to contact me there.

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