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Tired of your loop library or can't create the perfect accompaniment to the killer synth lead you just recorded?  Out of creative ideas on a certain track?  Or maybe you'd like a collection of stems to compliment a song you're working on?  

Digital Geist is now offering production services.  

Alex is an accomplished electronic musician who has been making his own loops, stems, ambience and fills for over 16 years.  His experience editing audio, programming MIDI and creating complex effect chains will be put to use on whatever task you need completed.  While DG's focus is primarily electronic music, any genre is a possibility!

Digital Geist Production Services encompasses any of the following for clients:

  • Editing/rearranging loops and stems you supply
  • Creating new audio loops and stems
  • Constructing custom drum kits (individual hits)
  • Fabricating new sound effect libraries 
  • Designing FX chain modules in Ableton Live for use in a project (or live!)

Alex would like to work with your audio to fit your needs.  Contact him for a one-on-one consultation to discuss goals and scope of project.  You will be given an honest quote and briefed on the process.  DG looks forward to hearing from you!