Digital Geist - The Zero Engine (Download Album, 2006)

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Digital Geist - The Zero Engine.jpg

Digital Geist - The Zero Engine (Download Album, 2006)


The highly acclaimed 2006 album by DG is available here in digital format! 

Digital format - includes 192k .MP3 files.  


  1. Earworm (No Light Guides Us)
  2. Phase I
  3. Phase II
  4. Someone Like Me
  5. Mutually Assured Distortion
  6. Red Techno
  7. Circuit Crusher
  8. Keep The Faith
  9. Segway
  10. Someone Like Me (Front 242 Remix)
  11. Red Techno (Neotek Remix)
  12. Circuit Crusher (Timid Remix)
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2006 full-length album from Digital Geist.  Includes remixes from Neotek, Front 242 and Timid.

Discogs info here.

Review from Chain D.L.K. (November 22, 2006):

"With a first look only on the cover art you may expect a kind of Techno/Trance-based music effort, and indeed – these elements can be discovered here besides some others. This is the debut full-length CD of Alex K and Newt, who are hiding behind this moniker and they offer as an interesting mixture of the above mentioned styles combined with some IDM/Electronica influences, Futurepop and a slight excursion into Electro-Clash music. So you’ll get a fine and detailed arranged album which will easily push your body to the dancefloors. With the track "Someone Like Me" they also have a piece on board which features real male vocals (though well manipulated with some vocoder effects...) and a real compositional background. Several "spoken word" inputs done by Krista Dragomer can be heard on 4 different tracks. This release also attracts attention because it has several collaborations and remix works available. With FRONT 242 working on "Someone Like Me" they could indeed win one of the biggest players internationally, also the Danish act NEOTEK has a good name in the Electro/EBM/Industrial scene. But it should be mentioned that both their remix works don’t push the sound of DIGITAL GEIST any nearer to EBM or Electro/Industrial music – they swim with the stream. Favorites next to "Someone Like Me" can be named with "Earworm (No Light Guides Us)" (what a fine synth layer work!) and the dry Techno-styled "Keep The Faith (featuring Christian K. of DHARMA LAB)". There’s a lot of talent and real effort behind this album and if you dig some of the above mentioned styles, you would be surprised by the diversity this release has to offer."