Digital Geist - Motorcade EP (Download EP, 2009)


Digital Geist - Motorcade EP (Download EP, 2009)


The highly acclaimed 2009 EP by DG is available here in digital format! 

Digital format - includes 192k .MP3 files.  


  1. Aeroplane
  2. Lunar Patrol I
  3. Lunar Patrol II
  4. Motorcade (featuring Bill Boulden/Spruke)
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Here's a review written Chain D.L.K. by Marc Tater:

"It’s unbelievable, that a new audio sign of life behind the New York-based Electronica-project DIGITAL GEIST has taken 3,5 years in the making, since the last album, the high prolific and awarded "The Zero Engine", has been a promising start into a seemingly bright future for this act. This music project of Alex Kourelis and his partner N3wt offers with this EP 4 new and long-awaited tracks. Still providing the state-of-art regarding sound and recording quality, his newest audio results convince the audience once again with skillful Electronica sequencer works, modern synthesizer sounds and a straight and steady beating rhythm section. Mainly active in an attractive form of Techno-/Trance-related sound environment, this EP is an appetizer for an upcoming new album as well as a promotional tool for live performances. The opening track "Aeroplane" may works as being the best tune here, especially its deep drilling synth bass lines approving Alex’ and N3wt’s talent to create modern sounding arrangements, which also entertain the listener under a pair of headphones. Second and third track is "Luna Patrol" in two parts, which both push the speed to a higher and more dancefloor-oriented level. Since both parts got right in time separated into two versions, this track – consumed in one spin – gets a bit too repetitive. Last, but not least, they present us the title tracks of this EP, which continues with a comparable bpm number, as well as with a guest appearance of Bill Boulden/Spruke for the vocals. This guy also provided some guitar riffs to back up the depth of the arrangements for this track, which means a relatively new form to express music for DIGITAL GEIST. Only 4 tracks and 21 minutes aren’t enough, to catch an impression of the whole DIGITAL GEIST sound empire – no wonder, since "The Zero Engine" is still in mind. This EP sounds promising enough, to bridge easily the time for the next full-length album."