Charging Onward

I'm excited to say there's a lot going on behind the scenes lately for DG.  I signed a release for a track to be added to a compilation (more on that when the time comes) and I've got at least three songs ready to go for a new EP - with enough material on the workbench to have an entire album if I push it.  It's been a bigger learning curve than I thought so it's caused some delays in getting work finished.

I've been using the latest and greatest - BT Phobos, Spitfire libraries, Elektron instruments and effects - but also digging in the past a bit too by using some SID chip emulations and libraries to give it that classic Commodore 64 sound from the 80s.  Sometimes the blend gets frustrating when I know parts sound great individually but when put together they sound mushy.  

That said, I'm starting to slowly reach out to labels to see if anybody would like to handle releasing the next DG.  I've worked with labels before but self-releasing things sucks - it would be a boon to have a bit of help on a proper release.  We'll see!