Hans Zimmer Master Class - Partial Review

If you're at all like me and pay attention to modern scoring, electronic music production - or just a fan of movies in general - you'll have heard the name Hans Zimmer.  Many of my friends went gaga on Facebook recently when it was announced that he was going to be releasing a Master Class on composing through MasterClass.com.  The trailer is quite compelling and you can view that below.

Well, that raises expectations doesn't it?  I quickly begged anybody that would listen to sign me up for it and my mother, gracious human being that she is, complied and got it for me as an early birthday present (December 23 if you're wondering).  At the time of purchase, there was an immense 48-day wait until it would become available.

48 days came and went, and on the 48th night I signed in EAGERLY awaiting the secrets Herr Zimmer was about to divulge on the scoring process, film business, etc.  

I finished what they released in about 25 minutes.  The problem?  MasterClass only released 3 videos to start!  After those three were done, a note came up saying they'd be releasing the remainder over the course of the next 5 weeks.  *Audible sigh*

About a week later they released another 3 videos, with the remaining 25 (+ the coursework) still in limbo.  So...6 videos down, how does it rank?

The class is more portrayed as an interview with anecdotal references rather than actual instruction.  We have Hans very professionally giving advice and strategies on how to deal with story matter and how to challenge and assist directors...and how to deal with it if it's not working.  He's in his signature blazer in his studio playing back some very impressive scores (the massive Sherlock project he shows is incredible) and while laid back, the videos are informative.

Honestly, it's not quite what I was hoping for at this point - the next few chapters are the ones that got me interested in the first place!  Sound design is up next so I'm waiting with baited breath to see him with his signature Moog Modular, or Kontakt or other tools.  

There's still over 80% of the class videos to be released, so hopes that there is more work to do rather than just watching videos (which will probably end up being on a torrent site shortly after release) aren't dashed yet.  For now though, if I'm debating eating mac and cheese for a month or missing my rent because of the $100 price tag, I'd hold on to the money until it's all available.