2016 Projects

If you follow me on Twitter (@digitalgeist) or on Facebook or elsewhere, you'll have noticed two things: 

1.  I released two backcatalog albums recently (Afterthought I and II) with 40 tracks spanning from 1999-2014

2.  I've been teasing something else that has taken me over three years to complete that is very close to being finished

Yes, 2016 is going to be a busy year for DG.  I wanted to get the backcatalog released because it was a huge volume of material to have collecting dust.  Over three hours of tracks that really show the development of DG have been sitting mothballed and it bothered me.  Maybe nobody will like it but I think for posterity alone it was important.  Both volumes are up on Spotify/iTunes/etc and worth a listen in my opinion!

The other major news is that an audio/video project I've been working on so hard is so close to being finished.  I'm hoping within two weeks I'll be able to announce that it's finished.  It has been on my mind constantly since I decided to pick it up in 2013 as a weird project and it hasn't been without it's pitfalls.  For one, working all alone.  I've been my only guide in this and many times friends/family have expressed that the project should be abandoned completely for lack of support - even their own support.  That's life:  sometimes you have to decide what is important for you to do, even if no one else thinks it's a worthwhile endeavor.  This is exactly one such event for me.  

The negative impact a lack of support has on an artist notwithstanding; other responsibilities, commitments and obstacles have stood in the way.  Licensing for the source material has been denied initially (working on it).  That essentially means I can't release it (or even SHOW IT publicly) when I'm done unless that changes.  Atop everything else that's probably the biggest hurdle remaining.   

Despite any doom and gloom, I'm still so excited to get this project finished.  Maybe it's a vanity project.  I suppose every artistic work is.