Painting with Ashes - New DG Track!

Digital Geist - Painting with Ashes

New official Digital Geist track. Enjoy.

A new full track from DG. While it's got some ambient subtlety to it, there's a huge amount of grit and detail. It's my first new track in about 6-8 months and a study in some new mixing directions I'm taking for my music. Lots of chained effects and deliberate work being done under the hood - more complex than my usual work.

Piano and pad sounds thanks to Kontakt with iZotope Stutter Edit and Valhalla Shimmer, electric piano thanks to Analog Four, the invisible beat that is providing the sidechain is coming from the Analog Rytm (the signal is muted) and the master bus is being run through the Analog Heat in Overbridge. The tweaking on the master bus with the Heat is done live in one take (ie, the filter sweep at the end of the track).

Let me know what you think in the comments!