Release Music Magazine overview of ROTOR Rewired

From my friends over at Release Music Magazine:

Release first caught on to Digital Geist in early 2003. This electronic music project from Fairfield, Connecticut has pressed on a with a few releases and multiple remixes. 

Digital Geist is an enduring project that was spawned in an 1999 viewing of the sci-fi cult film “R.O.T.O.R.” (1987) by Cullen Blaine. The aim was to recreate the badly composed mono voice and background music.

Digital Geist’s Alex K brought forward this idea and has created an entirely new audio experience to the cinematic background of film. It is being offered as a limited edition video with separate music clips on a branded USB stick.

- Since Digital Geist has done mostly instrumental music anyway, it became a really fun challenge by the end and the ROTOR project has inspired me to try this type of audio/video approach again in the future, says Alex, who’s daytime job is post-production engineer.