Digital Geist :: ROTOR Rewired!

Here's the info about ROTOR Rewired, which I'm happy to say is available now!  Worldwide shipping is available and supplies are limited!

ROTOR Rewired is a soundtrack project where over 3 years I took a crappy sci-fi flick from 1989, ROTOR, and created my own soundtrack for it - replacing the entire score with my own.  It’s available as a 1080p .MP4 file.  None of the original soundtrack was used aside from some dialogue and sound fx. 42 new audio tracks were made totaling over an hour and a half.  It's ridiculous, it’s absurd and it’s awesome.  If you know of anybody that might be into this kind of weirdness please feel free to pass it along.

The facts:

It costs $10US and is available NOW.

Limited to 100 numbered 4GB USB sticks with exclusive extras HERE

Not all tracks will be put on iTunes, the only way to get the movie is to order through the site when it's available - once the sticks sell out they're gone.